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What is it?
The TQ, or T-Qualizer is an amazing little item. The basic principle of this unique technology is that when music is playing, the TQ will pick up the beat of the song and react exactly like the graphic equalizer on your stereo.

T-Qualizer uses 'electroluminescent' technology, which is a paper thin material so your TQ will feel exactly like a regular t-shirt. Electroluminescence has been around for awhile, and integrated into everyday life so much that you probably don't even realize it...until now!


What is Electroluminescence?
Electroluminescence is an optical and electrical phenomenon. It is a light emission response of a material when an electrical current is passed through it. This is different from light emission resulting from heat (incandescence) or from the action of chemicals (chemo luminescence). Electroluminescence is the conversion of electricity directly into light.

Luminescence, in contrast, is the name given to "all forms of visible radiant energy due to causes other than temperature." When an electric charge is passed through the material (usually a semiconductor) the excited electrons release their energy as photons - light. This process is quite similar to that of capacitors except for the phosphor layer (the powder found in tubular strip lights), which emits the light.

Electroluminescent (EL) device is similar to a laser in that photons are produced by the return of an excited substance to its ground state, but unlike lasers EL devices require much less energy to operate and do not produce coherent light.

Electroluminescent displays have at least six layers. The first layer is a base plate (usually a rigid insulator like glass), the second is a conductor, the third is an insulator, the fourth is a layer of phosphors, and the fifth is an insulator, and the sixth is another conductor. The insulator layers are necessary to prevent arcing between the two conductive layers.

Electroluminescent displays can be thought of as a "lossy capacitor" in that it becomes electrically charged and then loses its energy in the form of light. An alternating current (AC) is generally used to drive an ELD because the light generated by the current decays when a constant voltage is applied.



Q: Does the T-Qualizer ACTUALLY flash to the beat of music?
A: Absolutely!

Q: How on earth does it work?
A: We wish we could tell you. All we know is that it is most amazing t-shirt we have ever seen.

Q: What kinds of music work best with T-Qualizer?
A: T-Qualizer responds best to songs with good beats and bass - which makes it the perfect 'get noticed' item for clubs and parties.

The FAQ is regularly updated. If you have any questions not answered here, please email us instead.

Handling Instructions

 » Operating Instructions

Insert the 4 AAA batteries into the battery box provided (2 AAA incase of the Skull Pattern). Please choose high quality batteries, as they would last longer.
Please ensure that the data cable is properly plugged into the battery box and then slide switch to operate power.
When wearing the T-shirt with the EL-Panel turned on, make sure that the battery box is inserted and secured in the pocket provided on the inside of the T-shirt or in a nearby clothing such as a jeans pocket.
Take care not to crease or bend the EL panel when putting on or taking off the T-shirt. Also avoid getting the battery compartment wet when in use or forcing/stretching the wire system.
There is a switch, beside the battery box to adjust the sensitivity. When it is in the low sensitivity, the panel will flash although the music is low. When it is in high sensitivity, the panel will flash only when the music is loud.

 » Washing Instructions

Unplug/remove the battery box and Hand Wash the 100% cotton T-shirt as soon as possible. It cannot be immersed in the water for a long time, therefore 4-5 minutes is the ideal time for it to be immersed. Dry cleaning is better to ensure a longer lifespan. Please do not crease the EL Panel and the cables.
When the T-shirt is completely dry, plug the battery box back in.

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