TheRayStore brings the EL T-shirt to India for the very first time. TheRayStore offers various innovative designs for promotional merchandise and outdoor advertising. These innovative products are made from a special technology called electroluminescence. It is a novel way of making stuff light up without having to use light bulbs. It is flat, flexible and we can put it on just about anything. So you can wear it, decorate your home with it, drive round with it or use it as the Ultimate Promotion Tool!

Promotional t-shirts are a proven way to get your name and logo seen. Promotional apparel allows companies - large and small - to welcome new clients, thank existing ones, or woo and impress potential clients. Promotional merchandize that is embellished with a company logo allows companies to discreetly stay in the consciousness of clients and partners. The money you spend on promotional items will often be returned to you multi fold in the form of future generated business.

Your business image is our #1 priority. We will work with you to promote your image even further with high-quality customized T-Shirts. If you need a company logo, you can count on us to take time to understand your vision and then create a number of options for you. We specialize in customizing as per the Clients’ specifications and design. Click here for the various designs we are offering currently.

You will love our work and our great customer service. Working together we can focus your objectives and marketing goals by branding your products, invigorating new clients, stimulating and maintaining your current clients and sales staff.

TheRayStore is always striving to push the boundary, to enhance and evolve its’ products.

Looking forward to hearing your response. We encourage you to call us. We still love phone calls and enjoy speaking one-on-one with our clients. Call us at +91-9891718121 or +91-9891267672. Let us support your goals!


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